4th Stage (B)
R Team
1 Kunshan FC
2 Suzhou Dongwu
3 Sichuan Jiuniu
4 Jiangxi Liansheng FC
5 Zibo Cuju F.C.
6 Beijing BeiKong
P W D L Pts Last 6
9 8 0 1 24 W W W L W W ?
9 5 2 2 17 D L W W W D ?
9 5 1 3 16 L W W D W L ?
9 3 1 5 10 W L L D L W ?
9 2 0 7 6 L L L W L L ?
9 1 2 6 5 D W L L L D ?


Racing Club System is adopted in this season’s Chinese Football Association Jia League because of COVID-19. There are 2 stages in total, and the games will be played in 3 divisions, Chengdu, Meizhou and Changzhou. In the first stage, 18 teams will be divided into 3 groups, and each club plays against all teams for twice, ranked by points. Top 2 teams of each group will be divided into seeded group, and the rest 12 teams will be divided into 2 unseeded groups. Elimination system is adopted in the second stage. The 1st place in the seeded group will directly qualify for the Chinese Super League of next season; the 2nd place and the second to last team of Super League will play in the play-off to fight for the qualification of next season. The last team in the unseeded group will be relegated to Chinese Football Association Yi League directly; the second to last team and 2nd place in the Yi League will fight for the qualification of Jia League of next season.