Chinese Super League
R Team P W D L Pts
1 Shandong Taishan 8 5 3 0 51
2 Shanghai Port 8 5 2 1 45
3 Guangzhou FC 8 4 2 2 44
4 Changchun Yatai 8 3 2 3 39
5 Beijing Guoan 8 2 3 3 33
6 Shenzhen FC 8 2 2 4 32
7 Guangzhou City 8 2 2 4 29
8 Hebei FC 8 0 2 6 25

Chinese Super League

The Chinese Super League consists of 16 teams playing each other in a double cycle (two teams playing each other twice at home and away).Points: three points for the winner, no points for the loser, and one point for each team in the draw.The Chinese Super League decides the way to place(1) At the end of the season, the teams in the bottom two are demoted; (2) Before the start of the season, the scoreboard is generated randomly and automatically, and the real ranking is in no particular order; (3) Each team gets 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss; (4) before the ranking column with more points; (5) At the end of the CSL, if the two teams or more than two teams have equal points, they shall be ranked in the following order; The points are equal between teamsA. Those who score more points against each otherB. the one with the most goals against each otherC.those who score more goals against each otherD. The reserve team of the club whose team has scored more points in the reserve league this season shall be ranked firstE. Goal differenceF. Those who score more goalsG. Annual red and yellow card penalty points (excluding disciplinary penalty)H. Places will be decided by drawing lots(Note: The scoreboard is ranked by goal difference until the end of all matches.)The bottom two teams are automatically relegated to serie A, while the top two are promoted to the Premier League.Due to the impact of the epidemic in the 2020 season, the first phase of the CSL will be held on July 25, solstice and September 28, 2020, in two divisions, dalian and suzhou.This season’s Chinese Super League will be divided into the group stage and the knockout stage.The group stage will be based on the ranking of the Chinese Super League and the promotion of the teams in The First division. The 16 teams will be divided into two groups, A/B, with each group consisting of eight teams playing each other for 14 rounds.The knockout phase will be divided into three rounds:In the first knockout round, the top four of group AB will advance to the top half, the bottom four will advance to the bottom half of the host and guest cross knockout.In the second knockout round, the top 4 winners will enter the top 4 matches, the losing team will enter the 5-8 matches, the bottom 4 winners will enter the 9-12 matches, and the losing team will enter the 13-16 matches.In the third knockout round, the first two knockout rounds will be consecutive winning teams for the championship, and so on, the final determination of the specific 1-16 ranking.The last place in the league will be relegated directly. The last place in the league will be play-off with the second place in The Second division of the Chinese Super League to determine the last place in the League in 2021.
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